About Us

We are a team of Coloradans (& bibliophiles, techies, parents, veterans, wanderers, homebodies, outdoor enthusiasts) offering a book rental home delivery service.

We embrace books as cherished objects and are committed to our mission of improving access and affordability for readers everywhere.

We are here for folks who favor reuse and love to flip real pages.

Welcome to a better way to read.

A note from our founder.


Books are a grounding force in my life. Whether that was the little girl hiding in a treehouse with a flashlight in Iowa, or the young professional flipping the pages of a novel on airplanes each week, or even the struggling working mother who still found time to read with her baby every day. Reading-and not just reading anything but reading a book-is a way to quiet all the noise and connect with ourselves and the world around us.

2020 challenged me in ways I could never have imagined. Grief, pain, and fear lingered around every corner. My core belief that the future would be brighter than the past wavered. I was a mess. And I got sick. Really sick. I spent weeks quarantined from my husband and three-year-old son. 

For far from the first time in my life, my books kept me company, and they kept me sane. It’s not just the stories within them that make books matter; it’s the books themselves. It’s holding that book in your hands and letting it transport you to another time, another place, another perspective. Books are totemic. They are transformative. 

I am a reader. It is as critical a part of my identity as words like mother, wife, sister, friend, engineer.  I have other interests and hobbies but nothing comes close to my love of getting lost in a good book.

I had had this idea for a book rental service knocking around in my head for years, and during my battle with COVID it came roaring to the surface. What would happen if I put everything I learned from years working in tech toward a mission core to my identity?  Well, I can now tell you: Twigge will happen. 

I’ve surrounded myself with a team of incredible people.  Together, we are finding purpose in our mission to improve access to books. We hope you’ll enjoy these stories as much as we do and your own list of favorite books will grow into a tapestry almost as rich and diverse as the community of readers we hope to build. 


Happy reading,

Kristi Pihl

Founder | Twigge Inc.