Yes! Visit your My Book Rentals page and click on the “keep my rental” button to complete your book purchase.

Yes! Book rentals do not need to be back on site at Twigge by the due date. Instead, they must be returned to any USPS location and post-marked by the due date.

Yes! You’ll just need to let us know by visiting your My Book Rentals page and clicking the “extend my rental” button - the extension fee is $2.99 for 2 weeks.

Yes, however, the rental charge will not be prorated. All orders are final. No refunds or rental cancellations are permitted.

We’ll automatically charge you the $14 book purchase price on your rental due date and the book will be yours to keep.

Any USPS mail box or facility.

Yes, however you will have to pay for return shipping. Our prepaid labels are USPS only.

New titles are being added every week so check back often!

We’ll determine if the book has been damaged beyond normal wear and tear. If the book is no longer in a condition to be rented to other customers you will be charged a damaged book fee of $10.

We only make books available for purchase after the initial 6 week rental. You must first rent the book and then you will have the option to purchase that book for an additional $14 by visiting your My Book Rentals page.